In the car, on the way home. The sun was shining in our faces.

小小宝贝 : Mama! Hot hot!
Me : oh! The sun is on your face. Where are your hat and sunglasses??
小小宝贝 : (in a piteous voice) Forgot…

Wow! Although it’s not in full sentences, we are able to hold a decent conversation. 19 months old and already a chatty toddler.

Soon he’s going to wear my ears out with his incessant chatter. I can’t wait for that day to come!!

Toilet Humour!

I came across this in a toilet in Manchester, UK. It was stuck on the lid of the toilet bowl.


That’s my shadow there. Haha. The cubicle was just too narrow to avoid that.

That’s a fine English toilet humour there! Lol!

It just so happened that when I opened my Facebook this morning, the first piece of news that I read was the death of Robin Williams. Initially I thought it was a hoax (some bo Liao people start death hoaxes about celebrities all the time) and I googled about it. To my dismay, the major news channels were reporting it.

“The world has lost a great actor” was the headlines of most news articles (with slight variations). I grew up with Robin Williams’ movies. It was during my “age of freedom” (the beginning of the time when parental approval was freely given to go out with my friends) so I watched a lot of movies and that was the peak of Robin Williams’ acting career. As a result, I watched a lot of his movies, from comedies to inspirational ones.

My favourite Robin Williams’ movie would have to be “Dead Poets Society”.


I love his rousing performance as John Keatings who inspired his students to think, to feel, to live! Perhaps it was because I could identify with the impressionable youths as I was one myself at that time. It was exhilarating to see a literature teacher being so unconventional (I was petrified by my very fierce English teacher at that time. I hope she’s not reading this…). It also helped a lot that the movie had some really good looking actors. I was quite enamoured with Ethan Hawke at that time.

Although when I watched the movie again as an adult, I felt that he was not being totally responsible by being too extreme.

Nevertheless, the movie was inspiring enough that vivid scenes reappear in my mind at the mention of Robin Williams or Dead Poets Society. That is, perhaps, one of the greatest gifts that Robin Williams has given me.

The most memorable scene :

I call it – standing on the table scene.

When John Keatings started standing on the table, reciting, “O Captain my captain!”

“Why do I stand up here? Anybody? I stand upon my desk to remind myself that we must constantly look at things in a different way.” It’s almost as synonymous as Scout Finch “To kill a mockingbird” to wear that person’s shoes and walk around in it.

“Carpe diem, seize the day boys, make your lives extraordinary.”

And the final scene when all the boys started standing on the desks one by one, as John Keatings was leaving the school.

That was indeed a moment of courage and gratitude.

Other less well remembered quotes :

“I always thought the idea of education was to learn to think for yourself.”

“Boys, you must strive to find your own voice. Because the longer you wait to begin, the less likely you are to find it at all. Thoreau said, “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation.” Don’t be resigned to that. Break out!”

Thank you Robin Williams for delivering the lessons of life through your movies. Rest in Peace.

I haven’t been posting 小小宝贝’s quirky sleeping positions. So here goes.

He started off sleeping in an orthodox manner – head on small pillow, feet pointing towards the bottom of the bed.

At this moment -


There were a few transitional positions before he arrived at this one. He was virtually going 360° on the bed. Mind you, it’s a king sized bed. And the “debris” strewn all over the bed due to his cartwheeling moments.

Now he’s ended up on my side of the bed with his “dirty” feet on my pillow. Hmpf!

Just have to kick him back to his side of the bed.


My sweetie sleeping soundly. Poor little guy’s battle scars from a recent mosquito attack. I’ll miss him sorely when I transfer him to 宝贝’s room. But we need our bed back!

Me : (one hand lifting 小小宝贝’s poo-encrusted bum off the soiled diaper, the other hand trying to pull a stubborn wipe from its container) 宝贝 can you come and help me with this??

宝贝 : (very obligingly) ok. I’m coming. (As she was holding on to the container so that I could pull the wipes out) Mama do you know why it’s so difficult to pull the wipes out??

Me : no, why? (Expecting some scientific revelation)

宝贝 : (in a parental reprimanding tone) it’s because you lost your temper this morning and you threw it across the room. That’s why it’s like that. You must stop throwing things.

Me : (feeling very guilty and much chastised) orh. I mustn’t do that again.

宝贝 : It’s ok Mama. Just don’t do it again.

Ha! Caught you! Ya.. It’s a tale of the mother being reprimanded by the daughter. I need to keep a rein on my temper. Aside from that, 宝贝 has the makings of a top grade mom.

9th August – This day, every year, I feel proudest to be a Singaporean. This is the day when all political parties set aside their differences and celebrate as one country.

This is the day the whole nation waves flags at the national day parade or sits glued to the television watching the live telecast. (Oh and the day you find the social media filled with proud declarations of Singaporeans!)

On this day, everyone waits for the arrival of our MM Lee Kwan Yew and cheers exuberantly as his face appears on the screen. I look forward to see him for more years to come! Yes! Call me a LKY die-hard fan for he’s truly an enigma and has worked relentlessly with his comrades til today to propel Singapore to what we are today!

9th August is the day when I look back and be thankful that

- I was born in this country where everyone, regardless of race or gender, is given an opportunity to receive education and to excel if one truly works hard.

- I can walk safely (still with vigilance) at most times of the day, free from fear of war.

- I can travel to many countries in the world easily without the need of applying for a visa.

- I can arrive at Changi Airport close to midnight and still marvel at the life, vibrancy and efficiency of a world class airport.

- when I see the homeless in developed and developing countries, Singaporeans have basic shelters over their heads.

- when friends from overseas complain about their social welfare system supporting parasites who refuse to work, simply because of the generous dole payout, to know that Singaporeans still strive to support themselves. Although I do acknowledge that more can be done to help the ones who have slipped through the holes of social aid.

So, everyday, while we bitch and complain about our jams, mrt breakdowns, expensive car and home ownership, I still look forward to the first glimpse of the Changi control tower as the plane flies towards Singapore.

This is where my family and friends are. This is home, truly.


宝贝 had a slight temperature in the afternoon so I dosed her with paracetamol before her nap.

Tossing and turning on her bed…
宝贝 : Mama, I’ve a very BAD headache!
Me : Really?! (Took her temperature with the thermometer) no. It’s only 37.0°C. No fever.
宝贝 : (giving me a very agonized look) but… I have a headache! I need the pink medicine.
Me : (looked at her suspiciously) you can’t drink that unless you have a fever.
宝贝 : It’s my favourite medicine!!! (She wailed)
Me : It’s not fruit juice ok!!! Ok ok, I’ll take your temperature later. If it goes up, I’ll wake you up to drink the medicine.
宝贝 : What time are you taking my temperature? (Looked at me hopefully)
Me : 12:00
宝贝 : so late?! 11:00 ok ok???
Me : =.=”

Did she think that I’m a 3 year old?! Her intention was so obvious!

Don’t understand why she’s so gian Peng to drink the fever medicine…. 😪


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