It all started because of this. 

  Me : Let’s chat! How’s your day?
宝贝 : Mommy, I’d like to finish reading my book first. (In a sternly reprimanding tone)

Gosh… For a while, I felt like I was the wayward daughter. 😓

Sigh…! With the no gadget rule, I had nothing to occupy myself with. I had to resort to eavesdropping on the conversation at the next table. Well, not exactly eavesdropping because they were rather loud and expressive. 

Son (probably in secondary school) : What’s this in the jug?

Mother : That is the salad sauce to go with your salad. 

Son : Can I drink it?

Mother : Don’t be STUPID!! That’s for your salad. 

By the way, the poor woman is surrounded by stupid people and things, namely her stupid phone, her stupid husband, her stupid son etc. And she announced to the whole restaurant about them. My heart goes out to her. I can’t imagine myself surrounded by so much stupidity…
Son : Ok!!

I imagined if I were her, I would probably tell him, “Yes! Drink it! Make sure you finish the entire jug!”

Oh well, that’s just me. 

Ok, you are right… I was indeed, very bored…. 😂😂😂

It was a shocking news that rippled through my Secondary school’s whatsapp groups. First, it was the shock.  When the shock had passed, questions surfaced. But then, no one knew the answer.  Anyway, the answer was inconsequential, because it didn’t matter anymore. I have not seen her since we left school.

In my memory, she was a warm and friendly person.  She always wore a smile on her face and was ever approachable to all. She always had something nice to say to everyone. Her results were superb and I assume that she was also extremely capable at work because she was holding a c-level post at a renowned medical institution. She was only 40 when she passed on, leaving behind a 9 year old child. Many people were grieving for her because she was such a warm and loving person.

She was one of the few people who have passed away in their prime.  It was always unexpected. I guess they didn’t expect that themselves either.

It’s always these shocking events that make me drop everything that I was doing, take a break from my ever hectic schedule (this is self-inflicted), to ponder over what I have achieved and what I really want to attain.

Life is too short :

To be doing things that don’t make me happy.

To be spent on undeserving people who are ungrateful.

To be complaining about every single things that doesn’t go my way.

To be pandering to the whims of people who don’t matter to me.

To be wasted on fighting over little things with petty people.

It’s time :

To say no to things that don’t bring me joy.

To be with my loved ones and people who matter to me, especially my grandmother and parents who are getting on in years.

To ignore nincompoops and beasts.

To fulfill my bucket list.

To indulge in some self pampering.

It’s time to live every single day as though it’s my last. Live life with no regrets!

Rest in Peace, my friend.

All it took was a slippery ground after water play and the metal floor track of the sliding door. Humpty Didi slipped and landed his shin on the metal track. 

He said that he cried “not very loudly” and no one paid him any attention so he picked himself up and limped into the classroom. 

My heart went out to him when I heard it. The teachers probably didn’t think much of it since he didn’t bawl his eyes out. But he was unable to rest his weight on his left leg. 

I googled his condition online and read that there’s a possibility of toddler fracture (hairline fracture). 

Still as cheeky as ever. 

Ming Ming : Caroline’s 奶奶 (grandmother) said I’m buat Toh (with an English slang). But, Mommy, I’m not Buat Toh. I’m Cheng Ming!! (Indignantly)

*Buat Toh is hokkien for fall down. 

Ever since 宝贝口水妹 was born, I’ve already made up my mind that she would study at my alma mater. I’ve imagined that she would don the white-shirt-blue-pinafore uniform in her china doll hairstyle like how I wore mine for the 10 years I was there. 

I brought her to the school during the school celebration and showed her around, pointing out my favourite spots, telling her that would be where she would spend 6 happy years of her life, or maybe more. 

Yet, on the registration day, I made the decision not to register her there. Everyone (except for a handful), even myself, thought I was mad. To give up a place at such a “branded” school. I made the decision to enroll her in a co-ed school, which was nearer to my home, and one that would enable her younger brother to get in with ease. 

It was painful. It felt like the end. It felt like turning down the boy whom I liked lots lots, but knew that he simply wasn’t right for me. 

It wasn’t the pain of giving up a branded school, like what everyone said. To me, it has never been so. It wasn’t a branded school, it was simply MY school. It was more of giving up a dream that I’ve always had. To see a mini me, running happily around in school in her white and blue. 

Maybe it’s because I wanted to relive the most carefree years of my life through her, in the same school. The life I had, when things were still white and black, good and bad, when the biggest problem was someone “not friending” you. 

So now the curtain has fallen. Lucy can never go back to Narnia because she’s grown up. I’ve never thought that I would be overwhelmed with emotions. But I am. What a dork! 


It’s been soooo long since I last posted. Thought I’d post something short to get my butt off the ground and get going!

Me : Wow! Cool! Darth Vader!

Barista : Erm… It’s not Darth Vader… It’s a minion…

Me : Oh! Erm… Cute… Hehehe *sheepish laugh*

I scrutinized it when I brought it back to the table. 

I still think it looks like Darth Vader leh….

During the USA presidentially rally (the one that Obama was first elected), many fellow Singaporeans and I were glued to the screen. After all, USA was, and still is, our biggest trading partner, so who the USA president would greatly mattered to us. 

My friends would lament, “Aiy! See how eloquent and charismatic the American candidates are! We don’t have such eloquent politicians in Singapore! The ones in Singapore are so boring with a capital B!”

My dear friends, that was so untrue! We had one of the most eloquent and charismatic politicians of all times! What’s more! He delivered what he promised! It wasn’t airy fairy promises made, just to gain votes! 

We had the most passionate, rousing founding prime minister who rallied the people together and brought us from third world to first! He had the wit and intellect to answer any question posed to him and at times, sent the questioner scuttling away in shame.

Lee Kuan Yew is Singapore. Singapore is Lee Kuan Yew. Look around, you will see his legacy. He’s touched each and every one of us. He lives on, in us. 

Watch this excellently compiled mini series of interviews with him. It’ll be the most fruitful 30 mins spent. 

I just couldn’t help it. Press releases from the PMO has prepared the nation for the inevitable. But when the news was finally released, tears started rolling down my cheeks. Although I deeply respect and admire the man, I’ve only seen him on tv, not even up close and personal. Yet, the sense of loss and sadness is overwhelming. For, without him, our little Singapore with no natural resources would not be known. 

My grandma, who brought me up, is a staunch admirer of Lee Kuan Yew. She’s a widow who has lived through WWII and has single-handedly brought up my then 3 yo father and 18 mo Uncle when my grandfather passed away. “Without LKY, we would still be living in mud huts, suffering in the hands of the abominable Lim Yew Hock and we have to grease every single person’s palm with money!” Then she would tell me all the stories. I grew up in awe of the man. 

I watched him on television, listened to his speeches, the ones that world leaders tuned in at the same time. There was much pride in us. 

You are the reason, why we can hold our heads high up among the super nations. 

Because of him,

We walk in peace, unmolested in the wee hours of the night. 

We are able to go to work with the peace of minds, that our families are safe at home. 

Women like us can receive an education which puts us on par with the men and we can equally contribute to the good of the society for education comes with power. 

We live in a beautiful environment with clean water and first class health care. 

We are connected globally on cyberspace, where many ingrates are able to bitch about him. We remain up to date with the global news for knowledge brings wisdom. 

Although he is gone, but his legacy lives on. We see his footprints all over Singapore, in every single tree (we have a lot of trees!), in every single person. He’s touched our lives. 

Thank you Mr Lee Kuan Yew. Although I don’t know you personally, but you feel like a grandfather to me. You have given us your life and we must make sure that we carry on and pass the torch to the future generations. 

I will tell my children that you are our founding father, and without you, there won’t be us. 


Damn! I’m turning into a weeping bunch of emotions as I’m writing this. And I’m never like this! 

From the great man : live a life with no regrets!


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